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Documentary Photographer

Larry Clark talk I did last week at The Photographers’ Gallery here in London. Photos by Andrew Youngson.


Millbank and that Van at the Copeland Book Market. Photo: Andrew Youngson. #Photobooks #Protest #Police #Students #CafeRoyalBooks #Millbank #Riot #CopelandBookMarket


WRITERS by Marc Vallée


PYMCA Photographer Marc Vallée presents a guest talk ‘My Favourite Photograph’ on an image by ©Larry Clark at The Photographers’ Gallery tomorrow at 1pm!

This Friday (25.07.14) I will be talking about this Larry Clark picture at The Photographers’ Gallery.

“Please join us in the Café for an informal 10 minute lunchtime talk by photographer Marc Vallée. Marc will talk about an image from The Perfect Childhood by Larry Clark. Marc Vallée is a London-based documentary photographer whose work focuses on the London graffiti scene, anti-skateboarding architecture, youth culture and political dissent. Marc’s work has been published and exhibited worldwide. Marc has a independent approach to publishing, rooted in the DIY punk zine culture. His latest zine Queer is stocked in The Photographers’ Gallery bookshop.”

It’s free, just turn up at 1pm, The Photographers’ Gallery, 16 - 18 Ramillies St, London W1F 7LW. 

What a difference (nearly) twenty years make! South New Jersey in the summer of 1995.

Life is good. #EdTempleton #HuckMagazine #ThePhotographersGallery (at The Photographers’ Gallery)

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The three I went for. #LarryClark #LarryClark100 #90s #1993 #ThePerfectChildhood #SimonLeeGallery (at Simon Lee Gallery)

Earlier today at the Larry Clark print sale. Working out which prints to buy. #LarryClark #LarryClark100 #90s #1993 #ThePerfectChildhood #SimonLeeGallery (at Simon Lee Gallery)