Marc Vallée
Documentary Photographer

Great to see Ed Templeton included in Martin Parr’s and Gerry Badger’s The Photobook: A History Volume III. #Photobooks #MartinParr #GerryBadger #EdTempleton

The Photobook: A History Volume III by Martin Parr and Gerry Badger. Published by Phaidon. #Photobooks #MartinParr #GerryBadger

Proofs for #Queer came back from the printers today. #Zines #Photobooks #SelfPublishing

Hilda Magazine interview with Dennis Cooper in Paris in 2007 talking about zines and much more.

Launch Party. 7pm to 9pm, Tuesday 29 April 2014. Upstairs at the Retro Bar, 2 George Court, London WC2N 6HH. RSVP.

Publishers’ Notes: Queer by Marc Vallée (7MB PDF file)

Queer Marc Vallée

24 pages, A5, printed and stapled. Published by Marc Vallée. First Edition 2014. Edition of 50. Numbered and signed by Marc Vallée. Printed on FSC certified paper stock which is chlorine free.

Queer is Marc Vallée’s fifth limited edition photography zine.

Twelve raw images over 24 black and white pages of his close friend Dom Lyne. Tattoos, sexuality and mental health with a nod to American novelist Dennis Cooper. Shot over two years in Dom’s London home in Camden Town.

Marc Vallée on Queer

“Dom and I used to dance the night away at the Ghetto nightclub behind the London Astoria a lifetime ago. We lost touch, but our shared passion for the work of Dennis [Cooper] brought us back into each others lives. Yes, the zine is about Dom and his mental health, but it’s also about the importance of an alternative queer gaze. It’s a kind of an antidote or reaction to an ever increasing, and boring, homogenised gay world.”

Dennis Cooper on Marc Vallée

“Marc Vallée is one of my favourite contemporary photographers. Many artists are photographing the young, but Vallée’s work is exceptional and solitary, avoiding the kneejerk tendency to either define the young through their fashion sense or create the impression of communing with them by smothering them with fashionable aesthetics. His photographs are fully interested in their subjects, somehow more respectful of their beauty and emotions and, at the same time, more invasive of their privacy than any other youth oriented images out there. Vallée’s work is ravishing, noble, unique, and irresistible.”

Marc has an independent approach to publishing, rooted in DIY punk zine culture.

Marc’s first zine Writers was classic documentary and looked at the London graffiti scene. This lead to a visual polemic on defensible architecture with Anti-Skateboarding Devices (now in its second edition). Then came Documenting Dylan, the life of an 18 year old skateboarder from south east London who had just finished his A-levels. Not a pro. Just a kid that lives and breathes skateboarding. Number Four was more autobiographical. A collection of images of people, places and issues that interested him: The Long Live Southbank campaign, Matt Martin from The Photocopy Club plus Dylan and Dom. The zines are collected worldwide and stocked by Foyles, Claire de Rouen Books, The Photographers’ Gallery and The Whitechapel Gallery.

Marc Vallée

Marc Vallée is a London-based documentary photographer whose work focuses on the London graffiti scene, anti-skateboarding architecture, youth culture and political dissent.

Dennis Cooper

"Dennis Cooper, God help him, is a born writer" - William Burroughs.

Dennis Cooper is an American novelist, poet, critic, editor and performance artist.

Dom Lyne

Dom Lyne is an English writer, musician and artist.



The Half Tone exhibition sign being set up at the Open Space Gallery in Copenhagen. The show is on until 5 May.


The Half Tone exhibition being set up at the Open Space Gallery in Copenhagen. The show is on until 5 May.

The Half Tone exhibition at the Open Space Gallery in Copenhagen. The show is on until 5 May.

One of my prints at the Half Tone exhibition at the Open Space Gallery in Copenhagen.  The show is on until 5 May.